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The Flaming Yoni :: SlutStyles

We’re going deep again, and personal. As an extension of a conversation that we were having casually the other night, we decided to address some changes for each of us in our own Slut-styles, as we are embarking on building the SlutSisterhood. We always share that our definition of SLUT is Sexually Liberated, Unshamed and Transformed, and that all femme-identifying folx are welcome at the never-ending table. But what does that mean…for each of us, and collectively?

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The Flaming Yoni :: Becoming Multi-Orgasmic with Catherine Drysdale

Loves, we could not be more thrilled to bring you a conversation this week with sex and relationship coach Catherine Drysdale. In October 2018, Catherine started an Instagram account focused on mental health + mindset, which turned into becoming certified as a life coach and eventually a certified sex coach. Throughout her journey, Catherine experienced many twists and turns, including a sexual assault she navigated publicly. Catherine has been a friend of TFY and SlutSisters for some time now, and we are so grateful she chose to come on and speak with us for today’s episode. 

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The Flaming Yoni :: The Triple Wounds :: The Witch Wound

Whew…it’s been an intense couple of weeks in the Yoniverse, and we are wrapping it up this week with the final installment in the Triple Wound Series…the Witch Wound. This Wound, like the Mother and Sister Wounds, is an inherited and collective trauma for femmes. This particular wound has its origin in the witch hunt and trials that began in the 15th century – and this “gendercide” reportedly took the lives of an estimated 13 million women throughout Europe and North America alone.

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The Flaming Yoni :: The Triple Wounds :: The Sister Wound

Next up in the Triple Wound Series is….The Sister Wound. What could be a more perfect conversation as we are set to embark on this new paradigm of Sisterhood?! The Sister Wound shows up in some way for all women, and what better way to help heal it than bring it out of the shadows and talk about it?

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The Flaming Yoni :: Triple Wound Series :: The Mother Wound

As we embark on launching SlutSisters™ this month, we thought it would be most prescient to bring a series of 3 conversations to the Yoniverse that we have been unpacking together for some time.  We are calling this series the Triple Wound Series, and this week we are starting off with The Mother Wound.   

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The Flaming Yoni :: SlutSisters : A New Paradigm of Sisterhood

This month brings the dawning of a day that we have been preparing for for more than a year…we are finally launching SlutSisters™! For those of you who don’t know, SlutSisters™ is an embodied community built for women & femme-identifying individuals who seek to deepen their process of Sexualchemy™. Our mission is to create a safe and supportive space for Sisters to deepen their connection with their authentic sexual expression. We believe that feminine sexual empowerment is the medicine our world needs.

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The Flaming Yoni 8 :: Transentience Rising

Loves, if you’d had the opportunity to be in the “studio” with us as we recorded this week’s episode, you would realize how deeply touched and turned on we were by this guest. It is our sincere pleasure to introduce the Yoniverse to Ley David Elliette Cray, PhD (she/they).

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The Flaming Yoni 7 :: A Hotwife Enters the Yoniverse

This week, the Yoniverse gets its inaugural joint guest, and it is none other than our good friend and SlutSister™, Mistress K! Mistress K (she/her) is a Hotwife/Cuckoldress/Domme/Primal in a Female Led Relationship (FLR). She is non-monogamous, bi-curious, and heteroromantic. She is also a proud SlutSister™, a curious kinkster, a sexual health advocate, and a lifestyle blogger. 

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The Flaming Yoni 6 :: Pussy Passion

Happy New Year Loves!!! It is 2023, and we could not be more excited to ring this new year in with all of you. And what better way to kick off a new year than by celebrating and giving gratitude to our AMAZING pussies?! 

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