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Happy second annual #CuckWeek!  For those of you to whom this is an unknown, #CuckWeek was born out of a conversation on Twitter in late 2021 about how misunderstood cuckolding is as a dynamic within the non-monogamy community.  At that time, a group of sex educators, professionals, bloggers, podcasters, etc…decided to come together and spend a week educating the masses about what cuckolding is…and isn’t. So step inside the Yoniverse with us this week to hear our offering for #CuckWeek 2023!

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Before we jump right in – some definitions are in order!  What is cuckolding, let alone cucksitting and tribal cuckolding?
  • What exposure to the cuckolding dynamic has done for each of us, and our femme expressions of dominance.
  • How cucksitting was born out of the bond of sisterhood for us, and how it has only deepened our relationships to our sisters.
  • The explosion of cuckolding in popularity.
  • Our individual experiences and expressions in cucksitting – who do you think is the hammer, and who is the feather?
  • Cucksitting as an aspect of tribal cuckolding.

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