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Whew…it’s been an intense couple of weeks in the Yoniverse, and we are wrapping it up this week with the final installment in the Triple Wound Series…the Witch Wound. This Wound, like the Mother and Sister Wounds, is an inherited and collective trauma for femmes. This particular wound has its origin in the witch hunt and trials that began in the 15th century – and this “gendercide” reportedly took the lives of an estimated 13 million women throughout Europe and North America alone. Ultimately, the Witch Wound manifests as a fear of being seen, speaking up, and stepping into your full magic and power.

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • How the Witch Wound has materialized in each of our lives…from as early as adolescence up through current days and how we show up in our families of origin.
  • Even in our awareness of this wound and how it shows up for us, we are still impacted by desiring to show up in our full authenticity…but we use pseudonyms because we know that this world is not kind to sexually empowered women, and other aspects of our lives need to remain protected.
  • Healing the Witch Wound – do we choose to live in fear, or mindfully make a different choice?
  • Limiting beliefs about embodying our fullness, and claiming the words and identifiers that describe us.
  • Ultimately, this wound is about separation from Self, and healing it is unsurprisingly about union with Self and claiming and stepping into your full authentic power.

The Trinity Wounds: The Witch Wound, article by Jade Eby

The Witch Wound, blog by Becca Clegg

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