Meet Áine

We all wear many hats in our lives, and until very recently, I believed these hats were actually who I AM.  Mother…sister…friend…lover…lawyer…executive…coach…mystic…seeker…slut.  Depending on the circumstance and company, one hat would slip on while another slid off to the side for the moment. Like a comfortable costume, they all fit equally well, but none actually captured my totality. And through the realization that I am more than these descriptors, I’ve been on a journey of alchemization and integration so that I may live a life that is whole…complete…like the being that I am.  Where once I felt empty showing up in spaces with only one or a couple of hats on, today when I am conscious to show up authentically from my heart which contains my truth…my blueprint…my Trueprint, others are able to experience who I BE.

So…what does any of this have to do with sisterhood, femme and sexual empowerment, and liberation? Well, it is through this journey – through my own Sexualchemy™ – that I have been able to dive into my own history, socialization and trauma around my sexual desires, to understand and unshame them, to embrace them, and to liberate myself as a woman and a sexual being in this world.  My sexuality is an intricate and inextricable part of who I BE, and in every space I enter it comes with me. 

Extending sisterhood to all Sexually Liberated Unshamed and Transformed women, or all those on the journey of sexual liberation, unshaming and transforming, is my life’s mission. It is my deepest desire and honor to sherpa alongside my Sisters in their trek back to their own Trueprint, while never ending my own.

Meet Scarlet

I am a woman becoming.  Becoming sexually empowered, becoming whole within myself, and becoming an embodied leader with a servant heart.  I have been on a mindful journey of sexual exploration for most of my adult life.

As a young woman, I discovered that two of the major conditioned roles of my gender: marriage and motherhood, were not meant for me in this incarnation. So I cast these paradigms aside and became determined to pursue my highest potential by walking to the beat of my own drum. I find joy in the delectable, naughty, salacious spaces where women can be truly free and wild.

My journey has included many forays into kink and disclosed non-monogamy in several evolving dynamics. For two years I chronicled my experience within the cuckolding relationship container on my highly successful blog, Cuckoldress Musings. I have been an invited guest on numerous podcasts and a member of the vibrant cuckolding, non-monogamy, and feminine sex-positive communities. It was through this community that I met Aine and my world was set ablaze by our combined passion and the immense support we have found in one another.

In my vanilla life, I am a highly successful clinician and I support individuals in their unique process of change while developing programs to support healthy families and communities. My greatest passion is empowering other women to step into their inherent sexual agency and to hold space for the women in my life as they encounter their unique and individual style of sexual power.