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As we embark on launching SlutSisters™ this month, we thought it would be most prescient to bring a series of 3 conversations to the Yoniverse that we have been unpacking together for some time.  We are calling this series the Triple Wound Series, and this week we are starting off with The Mother Wound.

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Introduction to the Triple Wound Series :: The Mother Wound, The Sister Wound and The Witch Wound.  What are these, and where do they come from?
  • Understanding the significance of the Triple Goddess in connection with the Triple Wounds.
  • By diving into these wounds that women carry, it is not a license to blame those who have walked before us – it is way to bridge the gap of healing for all of us, and to hold space for one another as we do so.
  • Scarlet share’s her heartfelt story of how the Mother Wound has shown up in her own life, and how she has worked through it and found healing
  • You may have a Mother Wound if…

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