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Loves, if you’d had the opportunity to be in the “studio” with us as we recorded this week’s episode, you would realize how deeply touched and turned on we were by this guest. It is our sincere pleasure to introduce the Yoniverse to Ley David Elliette Cray, PhD (she/they). Ley is an author, board-certified sexologist, and LGBTQIA+ and BDSM educator, coach, and consultant. She is the founder of Transentience Coaching, a podcaster on the MŌN app, and LGBTQIA+ Curriculum Coordinator for the Sexual Health Alliance. She is currently based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she watches a lot of horror movies with her cats.

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Ley’s origin story, and her grand rising into her authentic self in more recent years.
  • Blazing trails as the first “out” transgender woman to receive tenure at a Texas church-based university.
  • In her coaching business, Ley explains how she is not afraid to show up in her authenticity, which provides a more trusting and expansive container for her clients to transform within.
  • Ley describes how, for much of her life when she was trying to live from the societally expected “masculine”, it felt like she was walking around with her shoes on the wrong feet with shards of glass in them.
  • Challenging all of us to look at transgender issues from a whole person perspective, rather than a pronouns and genitals perspective.
  • We go deep…talking existential crisis associated with capitalism, and the resulting alienation we feel from ourselves.
  • Inkless tattoos as a form of kink…or…rather, is it an extension of a mindfulness practice?

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