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Happy Valentine’s Day loves…and more importantly…Happy SlutSisters™ Pre-Sale!! It launched on Galentine’s Day, which is sure to be the official SlutSisters™ holiday from this day forth!

Next up in the Triple Wound Series is….The Sister Wound. What could be a more perfect conversation as we are set to embark on this new paradigm of Sisterhood?! The Sister Wound shows up in some way for all women, and what better way to help heal it than bring it out of the shadows and talk about it?

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • The Sister Wound…born out of patriarchy, and how it continues to be perpetuated by it today.
  • The pain and distrust that we, as women, experience as we relate to other women with jealousy, insecurity, cattiness, comparison and fear. How other women are a “threat” to our happiness and security.
  • Sister Wounds can show up anywhere at any time – whether in a personal or professional relationship.
  • Áine shares some of her personal experiences with the Sister Wound, and how she has worked through healing these difficult wounds of separation and protectionism.
  • Watch Scarlet walk Áine through as she has a somatic breakdown as she recounts her own Sister Wound stories, and holds the space for her to continue showing up.
  • Why Sisterhood – and particularly SlutSisters™ – is such a crucial step toward healing this wound in our world.

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