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We’re going deep again, and personal. As an extension of a conversation that we were having casually the other night, we decided to address some changes for each of us in our own Slut-styles, as we are embarking on building the SlutSisterhood. We always share that our definition of SLUT is Sexually Liberated, Unshamed and Transformed, and that all femme-identifying folx are welcome at the never-ending table. But what does that mean…for each of us, and collectively?

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Acknowledging that pretty significant changes have taken place for us since meeting, and that along with those changes there is a bit of a sadness;
  • Reiterating the expansive definition of SLUT for our listeners – there is no one-size fits all and sluthood looks different for all individuals;
  • How society has cast aside and shamed sluts;
  • Áine walks us through her journey to get to know herself as a solo individual, and how she had to come to terms with the fact that she didn’t know what her own desires were;
  • How tendencies toward codependency and people-pleasing can impact our ability to know our “yes’s” and “no’s”;
  • How energetics work for each of us – whether energy leads, or follows intention;
  • Scarlet describes her hedonistic, insatiable style of play, but how it has changed in really nuanced ways in recent years; and
  • How kink fits into both of our styles; and
  • A message for our Trans Sisters.

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