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We met today’s guest through one of Scarlet’s close friends, and we are so incredibly happy to introduce Lex, of Talk Sex with Lex, to the Yoniverse. Lex was motivated to become a certified sexologist after discovering loads of false information and bad advice posted online. This motivation turned into a burning desire and passion to be a safe space for women and their partners to receive guidance with discovering their very own unique codes of pleasure.

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Hear about our first SlutSister gathering – and come join us in the SlutSister Sanctum!! Link below to join.
  • Lex’s mission within the sexology and coaching – to help people sexplore, and alleviate fuckstration.
  • The intense work of going through a divorce, being a single mother of 2, working 2 full time jobs, AND pursuing and getting her certification through the Pleasure Master Institute.
  • How coaches can help us work through shadows and blockages to live more fulfilling and whole lives.
  • Lex shares her deeply personal, vulnerable, and traumatic story of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), weight loss surgery, pregnancy and birth, and how the medical system failed to listen to and protect her best interest and the best interest of her unborn child.
  • The institutional racism baked into our medical system, and the extreme rates of maternal morbidity experienced particularly by black women in this country.
  • Lex informs us of what “sleeping orgasms” are, and we think it sounds like a damn treat!
  • The work that Lex is doing in her practice right now and the courses she is offering.

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