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Today on the show, Áine is joined by Kristi Born, psychotherapist and graduate school professor, and Rainier Wylde, writer and coach! Together as a married couple, they’ve dedicated their work to pulling back the curtains on the modern landscape of love, working with couples and individuals to bring deep freedom and lasting change. And as co-hosts of the podcast “Love Like Hell,” they use riveting storytelling to talk about and teach through relational principles. Today they share their own relational struggles they’ve been able to overcome, give some tips on creating total honesty in your romantic endeavors, and explain why we need to treat our relationships like the living beings they truly are. In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • Recovering love after hurt and infidelity
  • Why so many of us are asleep in our relationships
  • Getting to the root cause of relational issues with 100% honesty
  • How to get comfortable talking about sex with your partner(s)
  • The beauty of radical commitment to each other


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