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Jo Portia Mayari is many things…a sex and relationship coach, lover, multi-passionate human, speaker, writer, changemaker, rhythm shaker, pleasure activist…and so much more. And today on the show, she joins Áine to share her personal and professional experiences. A first-generation Filipino American and a daughter of immigrants, Jo’s mission is to use her voice, coaching gifts and online platforms to give women the tools to thrive at a high vibe spiritual, physical, and emotional state of being using their sexual energy. She and Áine dive into everything from what it’s like raising sexually healthy children, to dealing with the burnout of being a trauma breaker, and everything in-between. 


In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • Raising healthy humans and empowered daughters
  • What the Erotic Mother archetype is
  • How to step out of the caretaker role and take control of your pleasure
  • Why healthy relationships are constantly evolving


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