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You extended
A rancid and murky brew
To soothe my ills.
With intention and care
I alchemized it
into a sweet-smelling tonic.
Before it could reach my lips
Your face soured into a pleading glare
And, without a second thought,
I offered it to you.
And you drank.
And drank.
And drank.
You drank until the wildflower beds were bare.
And the mortar ground the final herb.
I made a request
That you go out and gather for me, just once.
You left, only to return
With the addled fruits and tainted leaves
That remained.
I went about my work
And extended you the drink.
A laugh escapes my throat
As you cough, sputter, and choke
On the medicine you gave me.

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You extendedA rancid and murky brewTo soothe my ills.With intention and careI alchemized itinto a sweet-smelling tonic.Before it could reach my lipsYour face soured into a pleading glareAnd, without a


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