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Ok loves…it’s pussy talk time. We are called The Flaming Yoni, after all, and there is nothing we love paying homage to more than our yonis. So sit back, grab a cup of whatever will enhance your pleasure as you listen, and step into OUR Yoniverses with us…

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Mindful masturbation, and how we both partook in it prior to recording this episode – our intentions, our methods and implements, and our experiences.
  • Breaking down the parts of the vulva – from labia, clitoris, the vaginal canal and the cervix – knowledge is power and there is nothing more worthy of studying than the yoni!
  • The “orgasm gap” – it’s real, y’all, and it disproportionately impacts yoni-bearers. We discuss why we believe this is, and also the myriad types of orgasms.
  • How essential foreplay is to warming up a yoni – it takes set, setting and warming up nice and slow in order to arouse and help her swell and open optimally.
  • We address the misconceptions and unknowns about squirting v. creaming – what is each, what are they made up of, how common is this for vulva owners?
  • Last, but definitely not least, eating pussy like it is your last meal – if you don’t eat it, you need not apply.

**Apologies that Áine’s audio was a little janky this episode–we have some new equipment that will give our audio an upgrade very soon!

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