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This week in the Yoniverse, we are bringing a conversation to light that we have been seeing lately in the Divine Feminine spirituality spaces in social media – a conversation which seems, quite frankly, anti-Trans and Transphobic. To add additional depth, color and relevance to the conversation, we have Lady Veronika Mirage on the show with us. Veronika is a Transgender adult content creator, as well as a top phone sex actress on NiteFlirt. Additionally, Veronika is an accredited Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist. Finally, Veronika is the Leading Lady of the House of Mirage, a safe space for Trans Women in all stages of their transition.

Today we dive into…

  • Understanding more about Veronika, her life and journey to where she is today;
  • The conversations we started seeing sprout up predominantly on Instagram around taking a stand against using pronouns, and standing with “truth”, which these individuals define as the biology you are born with;
  • The rhetoric around Trans people having a condition of psychosis that needs treatment feeling very similar to the long history of societal structures using hysteria and psychosis to undermine, sterilize and lock up women;
  • How Veronika feels about the state of things for Trans people in this U.S.;
  • The parallels between what we’re hearing here and the agenda of trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs);
  • Our clear and unequivocal position at TFY and SlutSisters :: Transgender woman are and forever will be welcome at our table. We stand for expansion, inclusivity and kindness.

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