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We are back and ready to wrap this amazing conversation on Human Design with HD expert extraordinaire Taylor Khoury!  If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to that yet, do yourself the favor of not only listening, but pulling your own HD chart here, and then jump back into this episode with us!

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Is there a specific place in your HD chart where your sexuality and expression of it is addressed?
  • In order to fully experience your design and learn your inner compass, you have to be “in your body” – connected to the body’s experience. And pleasure (self-pleasure or partnered) is one of the easiest ways to connect into your body!
  • Which energy types have the main “channel” of sexuality? And does that mean if you don’t have it you aren’t a sexual being? (HINT :: um, absolutely not)
  • Sexuality also comes through our Sacral and Identity (G) centers – the Sacral chakra is literally the home of our sexual energy in our bodies, and the G center is where we develop our sense of self and connection with self.
  • What function does sex serve in Human Design?
  • All the myriad ways that our conditioning impacts our understanding of bodies and our sexuality.
  • A fast and easy way to check in with our bodies each mornings so that we CAN feel more connected and embodied, and in tune with our wants, needs and desires.
  • HD as a permission slip to be your full self in the world.

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