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This week in the Yoniverse, we have an amazing treat for you! Dr. Evelin Dacker sat down with Áine six months ago at the beginning of the Sexualchemy hiatus, and the conversation feels just as fresh and potent today as it did then.

Dr. Dacker is a Board-Certified Integrative and Holistic Family Physician who specializes in sexual health and consent. Her unique approach to wellness incorporates pleasure as an important aspect for healing trauma and illness – which feels revolutionary in our society today.

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • The complications of entering into the holiday season;
  • The beautiful support and feedback we’ve received from Episode 2 of TFY;
  • Why sexuality medicine doesn’t actually “treat” anything or contribute to sexual health;
  • Dr. Dacker’s background in medicine, and why she started focusing on sexuality, pleasure and sexual health in addition to her primary care practice;
  • How the old school safer sex elevator speech turned into STARS;
  • STIs as the perfect metaphor for our internalized sex negativity;
  • The mind-body disconnect the majority of people experience with sex;
  • How inspiring it is to see younger people talking about sex in a more positive and attuned way;
  • The magic of being a woman in her Crone years – and the path of traveling from Maiden to Mother to Crone; and
  • How to have the “scary” STARS talk – Sexual Health, Turn Ons, Avoids, Relationship Expectations and Intentions, Safety Needs.

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