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Now that you are all caught up with your girls this season, we thought it would be fun to let you in on a conversation we have been having about labels.  While labels can feel restricting and unnecessary, they can also be useful as a point of reference in certain settings. As we processed what it means to lose our previous “titles” from when we were partnered, we  bounced around ideas of what new identities we might want to play with…until one stuck.

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • Exploring the value of labels and constructs as “robes” that we wear.
  • The intersection of labels, identity, and sexual expression.
  • Why the label of “Unicorn” does not strongly resonate with Áine and Scarlet
  • How the symbol of The Queen Cobra materialized for Áine and Scarlet individually and jointly.
  • The snake as an abiding spiritual and mythological incarnation of feminine sexuality.
  • The snake’s ability to move how they want to move – unrestricted and unrestrained – and the importance of embodying that same freedom and sovereignty as unpartnered femmes in the world.
  • The importance of boundaries as you navigate sexually open spaces.

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