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This conversation has been months in the making, loves, and we are here with our hearts on our sleeves, showing you the depths of our souls. The journey we have both been on in 2022 has been one that we never anticipated, and the synchronicities have been unfathomable. Yet holding each other in sisterhood and care has strengthened our bond in ways we could equally never have imagined.

In this episode of The Flaming Yoni:

  • What 2022 has looked like for both Áine and Scarlet;
  • The unwinding of each of our relationships;
  • When your partner is unable to meet you emotionally and spiritually;
  • The call into the mission and vision of sisterhood, healing and self-love;
  • What it means to allow things to come to an end in our lives;
  • Discovering deeper intimacy within ourselves; and
  • What it does to us to sacrifice ourselves for others.

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