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Finding the balance between being a mom and a wife and not losing your own identity is not easy. In today’s episode, Áine is joined by VixCin as they talk about motherhood and being in a sexually open lifestyle. In addition to all the other hats she wears as a mom, wife, and wrangler of all the people in her life, VixCin is a sexy and sultry OnlyFans star! Áine and VixCin knew of one another before a kismet weekend at a lifestyle event last fall, but since then, they have become fast friends, and more importantly, SlutSisters™! During their time together – recorded on Mother’s Day nonetheless! – you will hear the camaraderie oozing from them as they discuss what it’s like to be moms in sexually open dynamics, protecting their kiddos, VixCin’s transition into OnlyFans, and so much more!

In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • How it’s like to be a mother and at the same time being in a sexually open lifestyle
  • Boundaries and consent within the sexual lifestyle context
  • Being in a stag-vixen relationship with her husband
  • From hot wife life to swinger life
  • Exploring and transitioning to the Onlyfans realm

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