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Today on the show, Áine is joined by the founder, executive director, and podcast host of Something Positive for Positive People, Courtney Brame! After seeing people struggle with suicide ideation following a herpes diagnosis, Courtney set out to alleviate their suffering by offering the stories of those navigating a diagnosis in their own way, creating a roadmap through stigma. What began as suicide prevention for people with herpes has become an overall platform to support people’s communication around sexual health in a way that challenges stigma. Today, they chat about breaking down the stigma around STIs, where our public sex education is failing us and our kids, and how our self-identity as a whole ties into stigma.

In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • How Courtney’s own diagnosis led him to create resources for those with herpes
  • Why destigmatization is important for suicide prevention
  • Why American sex education is failing us
  • Hope and encouragement for those facing any STI diagnosis

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