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From a young age, women are told when their bodies are either too much, or not enough. From oppressive religious ideals to unattainable standards of beauty, the expectations put on girls, and then women, is massive. Today on the show, Áine is joined by Scarlet, a cuckoldress who had to leave a marriage in order to embrace her true self. They dive into what it’s like growing up as young women in our society, why they proudly embrace the term slut, and how Scarlet’s sexuality has become in tune with her spirituality.  



In this episode of the Sexualchemy:

  • The art of being a cuckoldress 
  • How young girls grow up in a world of body-shaming and hypersexualization
  • Where spirituality and sexuality intersect
  • Deconstructing religious ideas about sexuality
  • Leaving a marriage that no longer serves you


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