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Continuing with Mental and Sexual Health Month here on Sexualchemy, Áine is joined today by Valentin Somma, an IFS-trained Intimacy Coach (Internal Family Systems, or IFS, is an evidence-based therapy approach that recognizes the multiplicity of the mind). His work as a coach helps mindful humans love their Inner Parts and their Partner(s) better by moving toward more self-acceptance within and more intentionality with others. Having gotten his Ph.D. in what seems like a previous life, Valentin has experience on a multitude of issues, and he’s here to share how IFS has transformed his life and the lives of those he’s worked with. He and Áine chat about what IFS really means and how it works, dealing with your inner critic, and how you can benefit from recognizing the different parts and functions of your own personality.  In this episode of Sexualchemy:
  • Valentin’s journey and how IFS transformed his life.
  • What IFS is and how understanding it can benefit you.
  • Making peace with the “Parts” of yourself you may try to repress.
  • Why boundaries are about more than just sex.
  • How to make consent sexy.

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