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We are officially deeming April as “Mental and Sexual Health Month” on Sexualchemy! And to kick off the month, Áine is joined by clinical psychologist, sex therapist and author, Dr. David Ley. The author of several books and research articles on sexuality, including Insatiable Wives, Women who Stray and the Men Who Love Them, Dr. Ley has years of professional experience and has devoted much of his work to bringing awareness around sexuality in a clinical setting. He and Áine discuss the destigmatization of sex, why our conservative roots as a country has halted sex education for kids, and whether or not sex addiction actually exists. 


In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • Breaking down sexual stigma within mental health communities
  • How Dr. Ley is creating awareness among his colleagues
  • Why our culture’s fear of comprehensive sex education is hurting kids
  • Is sex addiction a myth?
  • Creating conversations around ethical porn and sexual shame


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