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Today we’re turning the tables and flipping expectations. Scarlet is back, but this time she’s sitting in the host seat and interviewing Áine! Join them as Áine reveals the origin story of Sexualchemy, and how it’s a reflection of Áine, constantly evolving and transforming. Plus, the ladies share what they’ve been doing with the SlutSisters™, and when to expect new things coming! They also discuss why many women feel the need to be “Good Girls”, why they felt the need to create a safe space for femme identifying folks, and how grief is tied into these conversations about consciousness and sex. 


In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • Sexualchemy’s conception and what it’s evolved into
  • How Áine’s intention for this show has manifested into reality
  • Consciousness, grief, and embracing dominance as a woman
  • Updates on SlutSisters™ and its current transformation
  • Giving a space and voice for female sexuality outside of the male gaze


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