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Mehgan Sapphire is not your average radio personality. A true podcasting pioneer, she’s been on a variety of radio outlets, and has also worked behind the scenes in the adult industry since 2012 when Playboy asked her to be a host and producer. And today on the show, she joins Áine to share how she’s been using broadcasting and podcasting to bring sex positivity and create safe spaces for sex workers for years. They discuss how she first got her start in college, what it’s like being a Black woman in the entertainment industry, and her story of coming to terms with and destigmatizing STIs for all. 


In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • How she was offered a job at Playboy while still in college
  • Why Black women are still fetishized in media and sex work
  • Where to find ethical porn
  • Staying safe during COVID while being polyamorous
  • Destigmatizing STIs and empowering people to get tested 


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