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Get ready for a raw and vulnerable conversation in today’s episode. Áine is joined by Jon, otherwise known as HiThereCatsuit, the host of What Women Want Podcast to chat about all things kink, vulnerability, and self-acceptance. Jon gets real and shares his story of how he walked away from a 20+ year marriage in order to embrace his truest self, and what lessons he’s learned from that experience. They chat about how to appropriately raise sex-positive kids, experiences being kinkshamed, and Jon shares why he has such a love for catsuits and sensation play. 


In this episode of Sexualchemy:

  • Why Jon had to leave a decades-long marriage to find himself
  • The magic that happens when you’re willing to be vulnerable
  • How to handle the experience of being kinkshamed
  • Catsuits as a form of sensation play


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